Technical Support

Our technical support staff are totally proficient and can assist with all issues concerning your computers. If you need help to install new software, or to connect and set-up hardware such as printers, routers, network devices, scanners or other peripheral devices, we are here to help you and guide you through the process. We specialize in providing support for computer virus and spyware removal, computer optimization, Windows registry repair, device driver issues, web related issues, Windows security updates and even help if you are having problems with your e-mail. Whatever computer issues you may be experiencing, we are here to help. And, if our phone support gets a little too overwhelming for you, no worries!! We have the technology to securely assist you remotely and take care of the problem for you. Trust our experts! They know their job and they do it well… us on the number above!

              Technical & Software Support

Set-up and Install

Instant support for computer components such as software applications, printers, routers, network devices, scanners and peripheral devices.

Diagnosis & Repair

Resolve conflicts and compatibility issues with your software applications or hardware installed on your computer and customize the application as per your need.

Virus & Spyware Removal

Install security software, remove viruses, and schedule scans to protect your data and online identity from spyware, viruses and other security threats

PC Optimization

Support for optimizing your PC to double the speed of your computer and improve its performance by enhancing the computer security settings.